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Faster Airport Security Check – Coming Soon

Removing your shoes, belts and coats, taking out your laptops and liquids may be a thing of the past. A new carry-on bag scanner is now being tested by Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ). The three-D X-ray machine is designed to fit the passenger checkpoint area at the airport. The computed tomography scanner, also known as CT scanner shoots hundreds of images with an x-ray camera that spins around the conveyor belt to provide TSA officers with a 3-dimensional picture.

Travel Safety
Travel Safety

Current X-ray machines for carry-on baggage offer only 2-dimensional (2-D) views. These new scanners offer clearer pictures for TSA staff and allow them to rotate the 3-D image for a more thorough analysis.

Possibly in the future, passengers need not put out their laptops, other electronics and liquids from the bags. Passengers now pay extra for expedited security screening through the TSA pre check program, hence some big savings for our travelers.

Why Hotel Restaurant Prices Are High – Ways to Save Some Money

In a study conducted by a software company Plate IQ which analyzed invoices from more than 1,000 eateries earlier this year, restaurants mark-up ingredients by 300% on average. Since hotel restaurants offer a full dining experience, generally 60% of the check/receipt goes to labor and rent; 30%-33% to food and with less than 10 % left as profit.

This margin of profit is fine with the hotel owners because their main source of income is the room revenues.

Meat Pizza
Meat Pizza

To illustrate consider the following:

Meat                                     What they pay : $0.48

(On Pizza)                            What you pay  : $3.00

Mark-Up :                            529 %


Hamburger Sandwich
Hamburger Sandwich

Cheese                                What they pay : $0.29

(On Hamburger)              What you pay   : $1.50

Mark-Up :                           417 %



Vegetable Pizza
Vegetable Pizza

Vegetable                         What they   pay : $0.32

(On Pizza)                           What you pay  : $2.00

Mark-Up :                           525 %



Traveling to Foreign Countries – Be Happy and Safe

Here are a few reminders to ensure all goes well.

  • Make copy or use your phone to photograph your ID or passport information
  • page.
    Make Copy of Passport
    Make Copy of Passport
  • Notify your credit card company about your travel plans. Credit card companies usually deny transactions done outside of your country of origin. It can be troublesome trying to fix it while you are in another country.
    Call Credit Card Ahead of Time For Foreign Travel
    Call Credit Card Company
  • Reserve early-bird flights. Usually the 6:00 am flight with any carrier is a good chance to get those big discounts.
  • Travel light. Use carry-on bags which means no waiting at the carousel or lost luggage. Many travel related items can now be ordered online and delivered at your hotel on or before your arrival. Just notify your hotel beforehand and they will deliver them to your room.                                                                       Travel Light

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